Friday, March 28, 2008

My angsty, angsty self needs some Prozac

I've heard back from all four schools that I applied to. Anyone who knows anything about Creative Writing MFA programs will throw back their heads at this point and laugh--laugh in my face for applying to so few schools when the standards are so arbitrary and the competition is so fierce. Here are the results, which indeed justify a certain amount of I-told-you-so style laughter. Please read "REJECTED" with a Strong Bad accent.

University of Virginia: REJECTED
University of California, Irvine: REJECTED
Johns Hopkins: Wait list.

So basically I'm in limbo until the third week of April when the lucky six students who were actually accepted to the program at JHU will be forced to give their final decision. Barring a miracle, I'm trying to think about next year: write new, better stories and research schools and faculty and save up for those bastard application fees.

Also, my car is in its death throes. It overheats quite quickly, even on ten minute errands. This was me in my car yesterday:

Me: Look at you. You're pathetic. You're in the red after a tiny distance. Tiny, I tell you!
Car: *wheezing* It was hilly.
Me: Damn you and your mutiny.

Something about the head gasket. Apparently my car is going to keep "nickling and diming" me until it finally dies. WTF? It's just under 160,000 miles. Shouldn't it have another forty thou at least?

Also, I've spent the last two days running around trying to get everything together for my thesis submission. I wrote a novella! Hooray! I had to come up with a name for it yesterday so I could hurry and print a title page, and I settled on "God Will Laugh." When I expand it to novel length it may change.

So I'm hanging out at the U of U library, waiting for a phone call from the English department, where the secretary is kindly on the lookout for the professors who need to sign my title page. With nothing to do but obsess, worry, and obsess some more. Credit card payment: overdue. Debt: too much. Plans: uncertain, depressing prospects at the moment. Life: can't handle it right now! Overload!
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