Friday, January 16, 2009

The Official List

Since all I can think about right now are grad school notifications, I might as well blog about it. Here's the official list, to be updated as I receive news from each of the schools.

I applied for an MFA in Fiction to the following:

Alabama- Accepted
Brown- Denied
Johns Hopkins- Denied
North Carolina-Greensboro- Acceptance reported 1/25. :(
Notre Dame
Texas-Austin- Denied
Utah (BA to PhD track)- Denied
Washington U-St. Louis- Denied

The acceptances should start to trickle down to the lucky candidates over the next six weeks, but most of them will hit during the first two weeks of March. Wish me luck.


AmandaStretch said...

Should you choose any school within driving distance to DC, like Johns Hopkins, I'm taking you somewhere for drinks. Good luck!

Alex said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm glad you found my post, Ican't stop checking and commenting on all the damn blogs and its driving me crazy, as you read and know yourself.

Looks like we overlap on Bama, Oregon, Texas and Virginia. Last year I applied and got rejected by Iowa, SF State and USF and got waitlisted at the new school. I live in San Francisco so I had thought I wanted to keep it local, being totally naive about the process. This year it's bigger programs and FUNDED we'll see. After Iowa and Michener my top choice is Oregon but Alabama was sounding awfully interesting.

Where do you live? I'm always curious about the other types of folks who get drawn into and upended by the MFA app process.


rachel said...

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I ended up at a good CW school by accident--I went to the University of Utah because it was one of the best liberal universities in the state (maybe THE best.)

Have you found the P&W forum? If not, avoid it. It will just drive you even crazier.

Last year I applied to Virginia, Irvine, Boston U, and Johns Hopkins. Got waitlisted at JHU. Good luck this year! Hopefully we'll both get good news, and soon. :)

Alex said...

Congrats! Since you said theyre going down the list I am not feeling too hopeful for myself.

rachel said...

Thanks, Alex. Good luck. There are many schools which have yet to notify. Which I know is cold comfort now, but don't give up hope yet.

Doug, Jessica & Nixon Anderson said...

That's great Rachel! congrats on getting accepted here. Its not my type of place, but with you being not married, into partying, and in school, I think you would really enjoy it. And the whole thing with the cochroaches... I've never seen one here and i've never seen one in my house .I guess it's just a matter of if you live in an apartment where you have to deal with other people being dirty. But they are gross when you see them. That sucks that if you come here we'll be leaving! ugh. But theres still that small chance if Doug doesnt get accepted there as a visiting student we get stuck coming back here for another year. WE'LL SEE! Good luck!

Jess said...

Hey Rachel,

I'm in for fiction too, at 'Bama, I think I forgot to state my genre in my post. Oops! I would love to chat. Did you visit? You can write me at jeleri at g mail dot com. I didn't find your e-mail in your profile. Talk to you soon -


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